Cancer 2014 Horoscope Astrology

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2014 Cancer Horoscope

Cancer will have a challenging year. Domestic matters will continue to be difficult.

There would be high pressures till 3rd March 2014. Some improvement due to your own efforts, positive thinking and hard work will change your life after 14th July 2014.

Your mind which was distant and not very positive will improve after 19th June 2014. A revival in thinking will come about, there would be better confidence in the second half of 2014.

Chances of purchase of a property would be high in the first five months of the year. Thinking could turn very negative after November 2014.

Issues regarding children could also be felt after November 2014.

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Cancer 2013 Horoscope Astrology

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Cancer 2013 (Karkata 2013) predictions are given below.

Life will be aggressive but gainful during 2013. The environment at home could turn quite hostile or you will face a sudden need to move from home and away from the comfort of family.
Friends will play an important part in your life till end May 2013. Not all friends will be good as you will have your share of passengers all fair weather friends. You should learn to be discerning when dealing with friends.
This year will be exceptional for the career of spouse and could lead to occasional times when home will be neglected. You should make up by making the most of the times that you get together with each other.

Not a good year for health of mother. Health issues as well as stress level for mother would be higher than usual now.
Possibility of a property related dispute could come up this year. You need to steer away from controversy. Litigation about a property could also commence all your should be careful. However eventually there are chances of a gain from real estate, so you should not shy away and do your best, if such a situation comes up.
Financially you will improve now compared to the past year. The wasteful expenses would ebb now and give way to a better and more rational spending pattern in 2013.

Cancer 2013 Money Horoscope - Income all gains would be high when the year opens. There would be an element of erratic patterns till the 30th January. A steady pattern in money matters would emerge after February commences. This year till May 2013 relations with elder siblings as well as friends would be very good. You might see a marriage or a celebration in the family too.
If applicable, your child might find an appropriate person for marriage or be in a relationship with. Overall a great time where you will be in the midst of celebrations.

A slowdown could come after June 2013 commences. The high social time all celebrations would die down all you will be alone and not as connected as before. This would be on account of post celebration blues as well as recovering from the high expenses of the past.

The period June 2013 to end of 2013 is good to make investments in real estate. If you have been planning to purchase a house, it would become possible this year. Your expenses all commitments could peak after 7th
A greater interest in religion, spirituality all pursuits like yoga could come. Expenses on religious donations could rise too.
Mentally you might feel cut off all even inadequate after June 2013. You need to keep a lower level of activity to ensure the pressures don’t affect your basic behavior patterns.

Domestic matters would see issues this year. Chances of frequent visits away from home as well as chances of relocation would be high. This is a time when bonding in marital matters would suffer. Spouse could be unforgiving all difficult to handle at times. There would be frequent misunderstandings too. The period between 19th February 2013 all 8th July 2013 could be particularly trying.
There could be extended periods of stay away from home this year.

You will need to work on improving the level of bonding you have with family. If you are not careful, you are likely to lose the connection with your family.

Despite all the pressure, there would be good chances of buying a new house this year. This could come with support from spouse. Alternately there would also chances of selling an ancestral property to fund the purchase.

Overall an eventful year. There would be gains too but on a personal front, it is likely to be a challenging year. There would be frequent issues at home all low self esteem at times. You should be cautious in your dealing this year. Avoiding controversy with family is essential. A focused all soft approach will help you cross the year without much damage.

Cancer 2013 January Horoscope:

Work would do well and you will find growth in most of the areas that you work on till the 14th January 2013. You should avoid animosity with people close to you. Aggression with superiors in work environment could back fire. 14th January 2013 onwards you could see a rise in opposition to your ideas. Partnerships could feel some amount of ego & issues. Ego hassles with spouse could rise too, after the 14th January 2013.

Cancer 2013 February Horoscope:

Pressures in joint areas of work would remain high till the 12th February 2013. There would be issues in marriages too. You need to cross this period cautiously. Further energy levels and stamina could fall after the 12th February 2013. There could be lower immunity, which could create some challenges in health matters. Avoid very heavy commitments for the second of half of this month & the first fortnight of the coming month.

Cancer 2013 March Horoscope:

Low energy will continue this month, till the 14th March 2013. Some unnecessary ego in speech as well as issues with the extended family possible till the 14th March 2013 too. 14th March 2013 onwards you will find very good growth as well as rise in your luck. There would be higher income and better health. The dip in energy will give way to a robust period in the second half of the month.

Cancer 2013 April Horoscope:

Luck will be high while progress will be good this month. You will be religiously inclined this month till the 14th April 2013. Travel will bring in gains too, till the 14th April 2013. Career progress would take off significantly after the 14th April 2013. You will do well at work. Governmental sources as well as people in authority would favor you well. You will be in control of all you do and exert authority after the 14th April 2013.

Cancer 2013 May Horoscope:

Career progress will be high & you will make your point & position in life very clear till the 14th May 2013. This would be a very good month. You will make all round progress. Gains & income will jump up after the 14th May 2013. Socially it would be a rewarding period as you will have a great time socially as well as with friends. You will make gains from government or high placed officials after the 14th May 2013.

Cancer 2013 June Horoscope:

A progressive & gainful period would run till the 15th June 2013. You will enjoy life and get gains from various aspects at this time. Friends would be high on your agenda till the 15th June 2013. Beyond the 15th June 2013, a dip in activity and stamina could be felt. You might feel tired or sleepy often. Expenses will rise. You should avoid too many commitments or expenses after the 15th June 2013. Avoid the tendency to get into arguments with influential people.

Cancer 2013 July Horoscope:

The period of low activity, low immunity and energy would continue till the 16th July 2013. You should continue keeping away from controversy connected with high placed people. A revival of activity and position would come after the 16th July 2013. Ego would remain high, while there could be issues about competition with people close to you. Anger & diet should be controlled after the 16th July 2013.

Cancer 2013 August Horoscope:

High activity phase will run till the 16th August 2013. You should deal with people judicially throughout this period as ego or short tempered behavior could spoil matters for you. A gainful period would commence after the 16th August 2013. You should guard against facial illnesses during this time. You should also weigh your words well now, as some people close to you could take offence.

Cancer 2013 September Horoscope:

Ego in speech would be a tendency & you should guard against the same till the 16th September 2013. There would be some dental illnesses possible too. Financial gains would be good till the 16th September 2013 too. You will get into a vibrant period after the 16th September 2013. Growth in new areas would become possible too. It would be a positive time after the 16th September 2013, where you will be able to meet many new people.

Cancer 2013 October Horoscope:

The month would open with a positive outlook as you will be in an outgoing mood and have an easy ability to promote work. Networking skills would be well honed and positive. There would be change after the 17th October 2013 as you will find strength in what you do and be able to take a stand. There could be issues with the extended family while there would be gains in real estate. Happiness about home, cars etc possible.

Cancer 2013 November Horoscope:

Issue could continue with family while you will make good progress at work. Your status would rise despite pressures till the 16th November 2013. Worry about children and marked rise in ego possible after the 16th November 2013. You will find some very smart gains from investments during this time. Be cautious about the relationship with your father now.

Cancer 2013 December Horoscope:

Ego & general level of conflict possible during this time till the 16th December 2013. You will make some good gains in older investments now too. Caution about the relationship with father & children should be continued too till the 16th December 2013. A rise in support from your seniors as well as people in government positions possible too. Issues could come up with friends after the 16th December 2013.

Cancer 2010 Horoscope Astrology Free E-book

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